EU General Data Protection Regulation implemented?

No? Then we accompany you with a certified Data Protection team of IT Security experts, Business Transformation Managers and Lawyers to a comprehensive data protection concept.

The EU GDPR is effective since the 25th of Mai 2018

Implementing data protection in your company

How we work: The five-step plan to the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Request a quote

Your data protection concept and IT security strategy

We accompany you with fulfilling your duties of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the IT security law in your company. Our team of DEKRA certified data protection officers will identify all the necessary information together with you.

With our Data Protection Initial Analysis Questionnaire you can send us all the information needed to prepare an individual offer for the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation in your company within a few minutes.

This way you know exactly which tasks and costs you have to account for.

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General data protection analysis

  • We create your data protection concept
  • We compile a list of processing activities
  • We analyse and document the individual processing steps
  • We document your technical and organisational measures
  • We draw up agreements for order processing
    (contact with service providers, review of service provider contracts, drawing up of an ADV agreement)
  • We carry out a risk analysis of the processing of particularly sensitive data
  • We examine and draw up your necessary usage agreements, declarations of consent, privacy statement

Employee training

  • We sensitize your employees with an online data protection training course
  • The data protection officer informs all employees about the subject of data protection and the deadline for participation
  • We manage participations and inform you regularly

Website & Social Media

  • We create your privacy statement
  • We check your website for legal compliance (TMG, RstV)
  • We check your social media sites for legal compliance (TMG, RstV)
  • We prepare a report for each of your websites

Data protection report

  • Shows the results of the basic analysis and recommendations for action
  • Includes the activity report of the external data protection officer
  • Provides information on current aspects and changes in data protection legislation (EU GDPR, BDSG, etc.)

Data protection management system

  • We discuss your data protection concept together with you and coordinate it with the company’s guidelines and management
  • We document relevant guidelines and processes
  • We publish the results in your company

Tasks of your data protection officer

This is how we accompany and support you. Request a quote
As an external data protection officer we take over all the tasks of an internal data protection officer in accordance with Article 39 of the EU GDPR. These include a far-reaching catalogue of regulations and special value-added services that only we offer. Our DEKRA certified data protection team is also available to answer all your questions. Dipl.-Kff. Sabine Thomas

CEO | Data Protection Officer

We keep a list of processing activities in accordance with Article 30 EU DSGVO.
We inform and advise you and your employees on your data protection obligations
We review participation in the data protection training on employee awareness
We serve as a point of contact for enquiries from interested parties and the supervisory authority
We monitor compliance with data protection regulations in your company
We advise you on your data protection impact assessment and monitoring the implementation according to Article 35 DSGVO

Company data protection newspaper

Every two months you will receive a data protection newspaper with current professional articles on developments in the field of data protection. The newspaper will be mailed to any number of selected e-mail recipients.

Premium professional articles

You will receive premium access to our professional articles on this web portal data protection is mandatory. Here you can view all previous articles, ask questions to our experts and be well informed at any time.

Your Data Protection Team

Sabine Thomas

Sabine Thomas

CEO | Data Protection Officer

Sabine Thomas is managing director of the Ing.-Büro Dr. Plesnik GmbH, a consulting firm for Business IT Alignment, Change Management and Data Protection coordination. As a DEKRA-certified data protection specialist she is responsible for all companies and associations.
Herwig Holzmeister

Herwig Holzmeister

Information-Security Officer | Data Protection Officer

Herwig Holzmeister is an IT systems engineer, TüV certified information security officer and DEKRA certified data protection specialist with many years of experience in IT administration and coordination.
Jessica Knippenberg

Jessica Knippenberg

Account Manager | Data Protection Officer

Jessica Knippenberg is an office communications clerk and key account manager with many years of experience in professional back office structuring for optimized data processing.
Stephan Plesnik

Stephan Plesnik

Business Transformation Manager | Data Protection Officer

Stephan Plesnik is a Business Transformation Manager and studied music producer. He uses his creative ideas for optimized changes of all personnel and digital business processes.

Amendments by the EU General Data Protection Regulation

So you know what to expect. Request a quote

Data protection officer necessary?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) and the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) stipulate that every company that processes personal data and employs more than ten (10) persons must appoint a data protection officer. If your company’s core activity involves the processing of specific categories of data, such as health data (doctors, care services, pharmacies, etc.), you are obliged to appoint a data protection officer regardless of the number of employees.

Three major data protection misunderstandings 

"We have no need"

Some entrepreneurs believe that they do not require a data protection officer. However, as soon as 10 people (including freelancers, interns, etc.) work with Outlook or the like, a data protection officer must be appointed.

"We have an IT service provider"

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the important difference between data protection and IT security. Therefore, an IT service provider is not a substitute for a data protection officer. It is even more important that the IT service provider does not have access to personnel data and the like.

"We've never been checked before"

No one expects control until it actually happens. If you are unable to comply with the requisite conditions, you will be subject to penalties. With the application of EU GDPR from 25 May 2018, the authorities are likely to step up their efforts.

Your data protection quotation

  1. Use our form to receive your individual data protection offer.
  2. Answering the Data Protection Initial Analysis Questionnaire takes about 5 minutes and enables our data protection team to prepare an individual offer for the implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.
  3. You will receive the offer within the next two working days so that you can make your decision quickly.
The EU GDPR is effective since the 25th of Mai 2018

Data protection first analysis questionaire

Data Protection incomparably better!

Business Transformation Designer

As a Masters of Business Transformation Management we support you in time to identify which changes (transformation processes) are necessary in your company.

Change starts with a visionary leader who inspires people to follow!

Data Protection Officers

As certified Data Protection Officers we analyze and optimize your work processes so that the IT structures of your company fulfill all the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the Federal Data Protection Act.

Data protection is more than a necessary compulsory subject. It protects people from their own frivolity.

Information-Security Officer

As TÜV-audited information security officers we plan and support the implementation of security guidelines and prepare IT security audits according to official standards ISO-27001, VDA, etc.

Information security is probably the most essential issue for any company.

Marketing, Webdesign & SEO

Unlike advertising and Internet agencies we determine the growth objectives of your company. We bring together online and offline communication channels in a marketing strategy.

Online marketing analyzes are the most efficient way to learn everything about your potential new customers.